About Dr. Iman

About Dr. ImanAbout Dr. ImanAbout Dr. Iman

Dr. Iman.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Graduated from Tehran University Medical Science as the youngest general surgeon in 2014. Dr. Iman has been practicing trauma surgeries worldwide with priority on the challenged regions, volunteering in war-torn and poverty-stricken areas without readily available access to modern medicine and sophisticated medical technology.


About Dr. Iman

Currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Iman consults individuals and businesses on critical intersection of Health (Mental, Emotional, and Physical) and Performance, helping them to reduce turnover, increase innovation and output, create a more cohesive sense of “team”.

He promotes an environment of unity, creativity, and increased profitability. As a Chief Strategist, Dr. Iman Taheri works with Business Leaders and Executive Teams to assess features in the workplace, re-imagining the workplace to get ahead of competitors.

Community Influencer.

Expert on Content Development, Marketing Strategies, Motivational Graphic/Video Creation for various Social Media Platforms. using his education, skills, professional knowledge and life experience, he is focused on promoting confidence, leadership, positive outlook, and a healthy mindset for the worldwide audience – 140 countries in counting.

About Dr. Iman
About Dr. Iman

Established Poet.

As an ethical and altruistic leader, Dr. Iman serves on the Board of Trustees for “Read the Past, Write the Future”. This non-profit organization was founded by former NFL Football Player, Saeed Rashad-Blacknall who is promoting Literacy and Creative Writing as a mechanism to record the dreams of students around the globe.

A prolific keynote speaker, Dr. Iman serves as a regular guest on podcasts and events worldwide.